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Introducing our law firm
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Founded in 1992

The firm

Ewald & Stoeberl Advogados Associados (Law Firm) officially began its activities in 1992 in the city of Blumenau (SC), in the southern region of Brazil, working mainly with business law and providing legal services to various companies in the State of Santa Catarina.


The consultancy provided has since expanded to encompass other specific areas of law, such as commercial law (especially regarding judicial reorganization, mergers, splits, incorporations and corporate dissolutions), tax law, banking law, real estate law, medical law, consumer law, family and inheritance law.  


In recent years, the firm's activities have been expanded through advisory services that have also been carried out in other regions of Brazil, as well as in other countries in Latin America, North America and Europe.

Due to the rapid development that has been taking place in the startup segment and in the financial market, we have implemented specialized legal advice for investors, which includes legal and business structuring of investment projects and structuring for raising and nationalizing foreign capital.


Ewald & Stoeberl Advogados Associados continues to aim at adapting its clients to the complex legal environment in Brazil, providing guidance in different segments.

Due to the wide range of work that has been carried out over the course of more than 30 years of activity, Ewald & Stoeberl Advogados Associados has been able to offer legal assistance in a large variety of economic sectors, developing relationships of mutual trust in order to make accurate, strategic and innovative decisions​.

Main Practice Areas


Business law

- Analysis of the company's structure and its relationship with its business partners, investors and third parties. 

- Drawing up and reviewing bylaws, articles of association and commercial contracts to bring them into line with current legislation.

- Judicial recovery, mergers, spin-offs, incorporations and corporate dissolutions.


Tax law

- Tax consultancy, monitoring and planning.

- Preparation of tax opinions and consultations.

- Prevention, obtaining special regimes and tax recovery.

- Administrative and judicial actions and defenses.


Family and inheritance law

- Recognition and dissolution of stable unions.

- Planning prenuptial agreements and property regimes. 

- Consensual and contentious separation and divorce, maintenance, custody, guardianship and property sharing.

- Succession planning. 

- Wills and Inventories.


Civil law

- Civil Liability.

 - Property disputes.

- Securities.

- Obligations.

 - Contracts and Legal Business.


Real estate law

- Legal advice on buying and selling urban and rural real estate.

- Developments, exchanges, subdivisions, leases, construction contracts. 

- Financing and legal structuring of real estate projects.


Banking law

- Debt renegotiation.

- Reviewing bank contracts.

- Assistance with fundraising and financing.

- Legal advice on regularizing international investments and remittances.


Medical law

- Legal advice for health professionals.

- Legal defense and preventive action.

- Drafting terms of free and informed consent and liability.


Consumer law

- Legal and contractual guarantees.

- Exchange of goods.

- Misleading advertising.

- Unfair and prohibited terms.

- Withdrawal from online purchases.

- Right of withdrawal.


News and Updates from Ewald & Stoeberl

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