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Civil law

We recognize the crucial importance of civil law as the foundation that underpins social and business interactions, and it is with commitment and in-depth knowledge that we offer comprehensive legal services in this area.


Complete legal advice:


We understand that civil matters cover a variety of situations, from commercial contracts to civil liability, and our commitment is to offer complete advice that meets our clients' specific needs.


Specialized services:


  • Civil and Commercial Contracts: We draft, review and negotiate contracts to ensure clarity and security in commercial relations, with a view to preventing disputes.


  • Civil Liability: We act to defend or seek redress in cases of moral, material or bodily harm, ensuring that justice prevails in civil liability situations.


  • Consumer law: We advise companies and consumers on defending their rights, promoting a fair and balanced relationship in the market.


  • Possession and Property: We provide assistance in cases of property and possession disputes, ensuring that our clients' rights are duly protected.


Efficient Dispute Resolution:


In cases of disputes, our team is prepared to seek efficient solutions through negotiations, mediation or, when necessary, court litigation. Our goal is always to achieve the best resolution for our clients, quickly and effectively.


Commitment to Excellence:


At the heart of our commitment is the relentless pursuit of excellence. We are always up-to-date with legislative and jurisprudential changes, ensuring that our clients receive legal advice in line with the best practices and innovations in the field of Civil Law.


 Over 30 years of  History

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