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The firm

 Founded in  1992

Ewald & Stoeberl is a legal services firm based in the city of Blumenau (SC). During its nearly 30 years of history, the foundations that solidified the firm remain the same, with the purpose of helping our domestic and foreign clients navigate the complex legal environment in Brazil.


Ewald & Stoeberl Associate Lawyers

Our vision

Society constantly yearns for justice and the Law must serve as the foundation for the evolution of society.  

The lawyer must be the intermediary agent and offer his client the means of law so that they can achieve their goals of justice.

We value the practice of law based on ethics, the excellence of the services offered and management by an integrated team, with aligned principles and purposes.

True peace is not  just the absence of war, but the presence of justice.

(Jane Addams)



Ethics comes from the Greek "ethos" and means character and conduct, being related to  individual conscience.


It is a  principle that  must always guide the lawyer on the path of professional dignity. Lawyers face situations that, much more than technical skills, require a solid moral foundation.

Among the duties of the lawyers, punctuated by the Code of Ethics and Discipline of the OAB,  they must preserve the honor, nobility and dignity of the profession in their conduct, always watching over both its personal and professional reputation.

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