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Real estate law

We offer a specialized approach to dealing with the legal complexities that permeate the vast world of real estate. At our firm, we understand that real estate transactions and disputes require a keen eye and a deep understanding of legal nuances, and it is with this expertise that we are ready to meet the diverse needs of our clients.


Strategic Approach:


Real estate law is a dynamic area that ranges from purchase and sale transactions to leases and ownership issues. Our commitment is to provide a strategic approach that anticipates challenges, identifies opportunities and ensures that our clients achieve their goals in the real estate sector.


Specialized Services:


  • Buying and Selling Real Estate: We offer comprehensive support in real estate transactions, from due diligence to closing the deal, guaranteeing security and legal compliance.


  • Lease Agreements: We draw up robust lease agreements, protecting the interests of landlords and tenants, and offer assistance in cases of lease disputes.


  • Land regularization: We assist in the regularization of properties, ensuring that the documentation complies with legal requirements.


  • Real estate financing: We advise on obtaining financing, ensuring that our clients understand all the contractual clauses and are legally protected.


  • Expropriation and Usucaption: We offer support in cases of expropriation and usucaption, ensuring that our clients' rights are protected in complex situations.


Efficient Dispute Resolution:


In cases of disputes, our team is prepared to seek efficient solutions through negotiations, mediation or, when necessary, court litigation. Our aim is always to protect our clients' interests in an agile and effective manner.


Commitment to legal certainty:


At the heart of our practice is a commitment to legal certainty. We keep up to date with changes in real estate laws and case law, ensuring that our clients receive legal advice in line with the best practices and innovations in the field of real estate law.


Whether you are an investor, landlord, tenant or involved in any aspect of the real estate market, we are ready to be your trusted source of legal advice. Contact us for an initial consultation and find out how we can turn real estate challenges into opportunities for your success.


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